Department of Moral and Political Philosophy

The basic research target of the Department of Moral and Political Philosophy is an elaboration and development of contemporary practical philosophy which contains not only moral and political philosophy but also social and legal philosophy. This task is realized in an interdisciplinary context of social science, especially of political science, sociology and global studies. It covers particularly the discussion between liberalism, communitarianism, Critical theory, analytical Marxism, feminism and environmentalism.

In addition to its own scientific research, the work takes a form of translation of important foreign texts and of teaching BA, MA, and PhD. students at universities. This treatment is considered a necessary condition of the prosperity of the both Czech and general moral, social, political and legal theory.

The Department co-operates closely with the Centre of Global Studies.

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Department of Moral and Political Philosophy
Jilská 1, 110 00 Praha 1
tel.: (+420) 221 183 349
fax: (+420) 222 220 726
e-mail: marek.hrubec(et)

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